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Monday, 8 September 2014

EXCLUSIVE Countdown Begins for iPhone 6 Launch at Apple Event

Are you all excited? 
We're coming up with exclusively live Apple event with minute by minute details. 
Stay Tuned!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Review: NEW Power Packed Samsung Galaxy S5

(Samsung Galaxy S5, credits: verge team)

The Giant South Korean Mobile phone company with over 31 percent market share and with rivals unveiling the almost all kinds of features like fingerprint, Sony with high definition waterproof phone to beat each other.  What will you do, if 
you're a Samsung? Well, I know that's a difficult question, the answer is the NEW Samsung Galaxy S5. Like the new 
Gear wearables, Samsung Galaxy S5 looks familiar, simple yet hold the features which stand out from competitors. But, if you're someone who want to see metal hardware, new look then be ready to get disappointed. 

The Galaxy S5 is almost similar in look from front to Galaxy S4, the display is slightly larger with 5.1 inches, 1080p, Super Amoled panel. The only added feature is 'Finger Print Scanner' in home button quite similar to iPhone 5S, capacitive keys for multitasking, and Android's back option.


For many users, looks matter a lot. I mean one thing is for sure that if the phone looks great then it leaves a good first impression on customer. Same metal surrong like S4, with bits & pieces of improvement, samsung presents its new Galaxy S5. No new wow factor when it comes to design.

Positives: Grippable back and feels lot nicer in the hands

                              Integrated Fingerprint Scanner

Lookwise, Samsung S5 retained the same metal looking plastic surround with charging port USB 3.0 and integrated port cover for waterproofing. The new galaxy S5 is rated with IPV67 for water and dust resistance, which means now Galaxy S5 can be submerged in under 3 feet water for 30 minutes at  a time. Cool? Well, don't say you've seen this in Xperia Z.


If you're a loyal samsung user, then you may be expecting a bit higher screen size but contrary to all rumours, Samsung Galaxy S5 is just 5.1 inch full HD superamoled version. Unlike expectations, its not massive. 

When compared with S4, it's clearly way ahead in terms of quality SUPERAMOLED technology. Movies and pictures looks awesome. 


There are few improvements in the user interface, it's look more refreshing and easy to use. The major change is happened in the notification bar.

The new features like S finder and Quick connect allows you to move through the phone with faster speed. The Quick connect looks similar to google search with more information drawn from the web.

Another stand out feature of Quick connect is that you can DLNA stream from here and can make Galaxy S5 a really connected hub of the home similar to Apple's Air Drop and AirPlay


One thing which is not disappointing from Galaxy S5 is it's camera, not because it's 16MP now but the hardware ability to process and take pictures efficiently.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has excellent camera, it can capture a photo in 0.3 seconds.

The first time Galaxy S5 introduced Real time HDR(Rich tone)

The HDR gives visual representation of what picture looks like when high dynamic range is applied before pressing the shutter button.


When compares to S4 battery, S5 got slightly bigger battery 2800 mAh, as per samsung it's better too. The impressive feature is Ultra Power Saving Mode which shut down all non-essential features and makes phone black and white to maximise battery life. This features can be useful in case of emergency when the battery is drained out and you've no supply to charge.


The Gear wearables and Samsung Galaxy S5 is scheduled to release on 11th April, 2014 in 150 countries countries across the globe. Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in four colours.


Although, Samsung comes up with appealing features like finger print scanner, water proof and amazing camera, there's nothing much wow factor what we're expecting from a smartphone market dominator.



Samsung is getting ready to unpack one of the most awaited galaxy series, the one and only ladies & gentlemen Galaxy S5  over at MWC 2014, and we'll be live at its launch to bring you all the juicy details as they break.

It's not getting its own all-singing all-dancing launch away from the bright lights of MWC, but does that mean we're in for a disappointing S5?
Will we see that long-rumoured fingerprint scanner? Has Samsung done away with the plastic casing and gone all-metal for the first time? 
Hold your breath and watch.

Live blog

20.59 Samsung Galaxy S5 and the gear devices will be released in 150 countries across the world on 11th April, 2014

The event end on this note and everyone is heading up to try their hand on the device.

20.54 First phone in the world to have heart beat sensor

20.51 - Gear Fit is taking the stage. It's a curved AMOLED display, can change the straps, there are designer options (and hypoallergenic) and it also will show notifications.
It's like a good and nice looking smartwatch. And it's compatible with 20 Galaxy devices! And it's got a heart rate monitor! And you can design your own wallpaper! And...and...well, we're seeing a video of a woman running now.

20.41 Samsung S5 Ultra power saving mode. Turns OFF all features except essential features and last upto 24 hours in standby, this feature is the stand out among all

20.32 First phone to have HDR (Rich tone

20.30  And it will have 5.1 Amoled display

The five tenets of the Galaxy S5: 'Modern, Glam look', great camera, better battery, fitness and protection.
The back of the phone is rubbery plastic, and is actually rather nice in the hand. A lovely back. At least it's not pretending to be a leather notebook, eh?

20.26 Our innovation never stops and we will continue to serve people around the world, says Co-CEO on his ending note.

20.19 - JK Shin, Co-CEO is out. He's saying that consumers don't want meaningless innovation.

We want fitness devices, good cameras, great batteries. We want the Galaxy S5 apparently... AND HERE IT IS!

Key specs: the Galaxy S5 will have super fast connectivity through 802.11ac, super fast autofocus and rich HDR, inbuilt fitness (including a hardware heart rate sensor below the flash) and WATERPROOF...Woop!

First look: via cnet
20.15 It's finally started, David Parker from marketing team welcomes the audience.

20.13 Countdown begins, and Galaxy ad playing on the screen.

20.02 Now, they've started another song, and this wait looks like never ending.

19.59 The beautiful orchestral sound in the air, and audience is clapping as they finished

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Final Verdict Straight From Users: iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3

In this age, when it comes to technology & gadget enthusiasm, all  other debates take back seat. Gone are those days when we easily get impressed by polyphonic ringtones of Nokia phones. The present consumer knows what they want from technology & their constant passion towards it makes companies work harder to be more creative & innovative. Now, even most advanced phones receive critical criticism from gadget analysts' & two of the most advanced phones till date i.e., iPhone 5 & Galaxy s3 are been through endless reviews, tests & discussions, yet there's no consensus is built on deciding which is the best among these two. Unlike other in depth articles, this article tries to show the response from various perspectives.

I thoroughly understand the fact that these two phones are widely reviewed & analysed and hundreds of articles has been written on it considering its hardware & software factors. I want to take a step ahead and want to draw few final conclusions taking in view of all the reviews and consumer feedback. I've conducted a small debate on some popular tech forum & received enormous amount of feedback. No matter how good or bad reviewers rate the phone, end of the day end consumers are the one who decide the fate of the phone as ultimately they're the ones who're going to use the phone on day to day basis.

In this article, i'll consider three different perspectives, by which we conclude the performance of these two products,

1. Reviewers Take
2. Consumers feedback
3. Sales Analysis
4. Final Verdict

1.Reviewers Take

Samsung has announced his arrival by introducing Galaxy series & snatch the large chunk of market share from Apple. Reviewers are impressed with the release of Galaxy s3 with big screen & some extraordinary features and no matter what every analyst is keenly waiting for iPhone 5 release all over the world. The release of iPhone 5 created a big hype.Check here to check Apple Store across the world on release date in pictures. But, after deeply analyzing, the analyst believes iPhone 5 is no much bigger than Galaxy s3.

Rating wise all top tech websites rated iPhone 5 and Galaxy s3 equally, these ratings are based on customer feedback and experts reviews.

There are too many minute details of merits and demerits of both phones are widely discussed before in several articles, so i don't want to get much in to details about that. I'll be giving a brief in simple & lay man's term about specifications, merits and demerits.
The table below shows the merits & demerits of both phones,

iPhone 5
Galaxy s3
1.Larger Screen with increased resolution and  excellent retina display

1. iOS 6 Map is a step backward.
1. Monstrous looking 4.8 inch screen with Super Amoled 720p HD resolution
1. Touchwiz interface is quite confusing, S voice is not as functional as Siri
2. iOS 6 with 200 amazing new much improved features
2. New lightning connector means whole new investment on accessories
2. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean sees the start of an initiative called Project Butter. This is designed to take full use of the processor power available, with the aim of running Android at a solid 60fps. 
2. Not hand friendly due to higher width, 71mm wide compare to iPhone 5 58mm
3. List of features you care about iCloud, Airplay, Facetime, iMessage

3. 4G LTE won’t work on all UK networks
3. Palm touch mute pause, Palm swipe capture, Tilt to zoom, Shake to update, Auto eyes sensing
3. Prone to viruses
4. Extraordinary redesign makes it thinner, lighter and hand friendly phone with excellent built Aluminium body
4. Gets too hot easily easily
4. Expandable memory
4. Plastic built back cover with removable battery makes it look ordinary in design

 Some accepted the demerits of iPhone 5 and some accepted the demerits of Galaxy s3. But, most of the reviewers agreed on the common point that iPhone 5 and Galaxy s3 are two best smartphones available in the market right now.

2.Consumer Feedback:

A recent survey carried out by the Forum of Private Business shows that 44% of business owners want to improve customer satisfaction. So, consumer feedback plays big role in deciding the future of any company. The success of any company in coming era will be judge on how quickly companies update their innovations to match with the pulse of the customer.After going through most of the top tech websites, review articles, feedback and comments. And more specifically, the debate I've conducted on tech forums. I've selected few comments worth mentioning and concluded the mood of the consumers relating to these two products.

Tech Forum Feedback:

I'm not presenting this debate with 90 odd replies and some thousand views as the general view of the users across the world. I've been through major forum comments, top tech websites and consumer feedback. I've mentioned few replies which matches with majority of consumer views.

This is what we've asked, 
"The passion for technology reaches the new height in this age where everyone wants best-est among the best.I'm going to write an article where I want the reviews straight from users & experienced geeks.
What do you think is the best phone? iPhone 5 or Samsung galaxy s3 and why?
                          Your valuable ideas and feedback's with sound logic are most welcome."

Some explained with their logic about why they like Galaxy s3,

While some believe that it depends upon what you actually need from the phone,

And majority of iPhone 5 fans believe that Apple is based on innovation which works in other terms simple and user friendly,

And some argued over the quality of display of iPhone 5 and Galaxy s3,

And Overall majority of consumer believes that both have pro's and con's but ultimately it depends on user about what he wants from the phone,

Social Media Feedback:

Whether it's politics, entertainment or tech debates, social media plays a major role in present age. So, i've tried to gather some genuine excitement of users from twitter for their respective phones.

Some believes iPhone 5 to be the best on the planet,
While some believe Galaxy s3 is better than Apple,

And some takes feedback from their followers before buying the phone. Interesting!

3. Sales Analysis:

I've tried to analyse the sales of both the products in order to understand the market response to both the products. iPhone 5 is announced on 12th September, 2012 and Galaxy s3 is released in May, 2012. 

The release of iPhone 5 like everyone knows created the major hype in entire world, demand outstripped the supply. Apple did record sale of five million units in its first weekend itself, and two million in its first 24 hours.Still Analyst believes it's lower than expected.

As per predictions, analysts suggest the iPhone 5 will sell around 26 million units till end of this 2012.

Galaxy s3 reached 20 million sales mark. But, we can't judge both in terms of sales at the moment as latter released some months before iPhone 5, if iPhone 5 can surpass the sales of s3? only time will tell. And interestingly, the company has more s3s sold in Eurpe(6 million) than the US (4 million), while racking up 2.5 million sales in its native korea.

4.Final Verdict:

My final verdict about these two phones are both are unique in its own functionality, overall performance and quality. But, the undeniable truth is that the Samsung has given a tough challenge to Apple, again on basis of innovation. Most specs are very close between the phones, some specs of one phone out do other like NFC/maps in Galaxy s3 & app quality, updates support in iPhone 5. At the end of the day, it all comes to a choice of operating system you prefer and how big/small or how pocketfriendly/handfriendly your phone to be. And it's safe to say that these are the two best smart phones in the market right now.

The constructive criticism helps developer bring the best out of them.The debates, discussions and deep analysis is a positive sign that we're moving ahead in a right direction where even best innovations of the present age are get judged. 

Disclaimer: Poor image quality shows the author laziness to format it. But, what to do as the name of the blog suggests.Your valuable suggestions and comments are much appreciated. Follow us on twitter @LetsThinkBlog

Friday, 21 September 2012

Response of iPhone 5 Release, Apple Stores across the world in Pictures

Apple enthusiast camping outside the store in Sau Paulo, pic by @MacMasi

The release of New Apple iPhone 5 created a so called big hype across the globe. The loyalty of apple fans is Unbelievable. Camping Outside the Apple stores before the day of release to selling the spots in the Queue. The excitement level of gadget lovers has reached new level with this gadget named after the fruit. I've tried to collect the reaction of apple lovers, haters and pictures across the globe via twitter. Please have a look.

Good or bad Twitter has it's own style of responding to the hype,

Fans sleeping outside Brazil Apple Store to continue the queue in next morning, pic by twitter user:@rfischmann
Mad crowd waiting overnight from 12 am outside London Apple Store, pic by twitter user: @iHeartKuwait
Excited fans tweeted their enthusiasm to join the deadly queue in early morning like monsters

Massive crowd a night before release at Montreal Apple Center, pic by twitter user:@FabricePiard

 All Apple Store Displays are blackened out across the globe a night before release

Picture taken at 20th Night at Wischita, KS by twitter user @myz06vette
Some define their enthusiasm as once in a lifetime adventure,

Here's the tip for young lads on how to be a loyal husband,

Get, Set and Go
Fans waiting outside Apple Store before 4hrs, picture taken by twitter user: @ishiihiroko

Enthusiastic Apple Staff seen cheering, Picture taken at Nagoya Sakae Apple Store, China by twitter user:@idanbo
And some are chosen to sell their spot Whoa!

Fans waiting outside Boston Apple Store a night before release,  picture taken by twitter user:@RyanSchulteis 
Friends in Need is Friend Indeed,
Fans waiting outside Australia Apple Store, pic taken by twitter user: @TaboidJunk
And some cheeky comments,
Tired fans taking rest in queue at Keystone App Store, pic taken by twitter user:@ErickaFlye 
Raleigh Apple Store, pic by twitter user: @RondanArt
Queues at Perth, Australia, pic by twitter user: @carijansen
Some heated reaction as well on this hype,

Wall Street Apple Store, Brazil, pic by twitter user: @rfischmann
Fans waiting in rain at Sydney Apple Store, pic by twitter user: @StyleTheCat
Finally, a sigh of relief at SanFrancisco Apple Store, California

Amid all this crazy hype, 
According to J.P. Morgan's Michael Feroli, Apple added 0.5 percentage points to U.S Ecnomic growth in the fourth quarter. On basis of creativity and innovation, Apple has singlehandedly dominated the entire smartphone market. 

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