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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

With this app you can customise Apple Watch Band

April 1, 2015: A company founded in 2011 was the world's first company then to provide provide a platform to design your own cases for phones and tablets. Now, they have announced a world's firstcustomisable  Apple Watch Band with your favourite instagram and Facebook photos.

This service is available on the Castify App or on their website.

Wes Ng, company's CEO and co-founder says: "At Casetify, we believe in being radically unique." He further adds, "Casetify Apple Watch band is the result of a collective obsession to simplify personalisation and to create beautifully designed products."

The app works in a simple way, just shoot your photos or choose from your album. Then, place it on your favorite template and use filters as needed. And your app will notify you shortly saying your customised product is ready for shipment.



India's Snapdeal acquires RupeePower

April 1, 2015: India's e-commerce tech giant Snapdeal acquires a financial products distribution platform RupeePower. Snapdeal recently launched a financial service marketplace, RupeePower will be integrated with this service.
This move by Snapdeal enables it's customers to apply to loans through their ecommerce site. The newly acquired company will provide credit comparison, processing request, and match for the request with the best suited loan option for the customers.

Kunal Bahl, Snapdeal co-founder says: "Realising the various difficulties that consumers face while deciding and purchasing financial products/services and the challenges that companies face whilst reaching out to the 'right' audience, we have brought RupeePower into our family, to help solve the distribution challenges of the financial services ecosystem and make it more inclusive."

RupeePower was founded in 2011, and helped customers get loans through banks for total value of $240 million to date. 

This is the seventh acquisition of Snapdeal till date. Snapdeal financial service includes personal loans, educational loans, credit cards, auto loans, home loans, and extended warranties.

Source: TechInAsia

Apple to make an aircraft that can be controlled by iPhone

April 1, 2015: As per the unconfirmed sources, Apple reportedly filed a patent for a unique technology which can be used in aircrafts. This technology will let iPhone users control their private aircrafts with their phones. How cool is that?

Apple is known for designing breakthrough devices which are way ahead of its time, but this technology seems way ahead by a century or so. 

In a detailed statement released by one of the Apple design head says: "This technology will make Apple the only company on earth to achieve this feat. Apple believes in empowering it's users by providing them with innovations they've never experienced before. At the moment, iPhone can only control a toy aircraft but we like to extend this service to real private aircrafts." He further adds,  "Our company's founding father Steve Jobs instill a belief of 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish' in each employee of Apple and we took the later part too seriously."

As true you want this story to be, but we are sorry to inform you that our uncorfirmed sources are liars and you've been April Fooled. Enjoy your day.

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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Meet Microsoft's new web browser 'Project Spartan'

March 31, 2015: With much excitement, one of the author on windows website has introduced the Microsoft's new web browser 'Project Spartan," which will be available across the Windows 10 devices. It is fast, compatible, and built for the modern web is what the blog claims.
Windows 10 was launched last year and one of the key features introduced was the brand new browser codenamed as Project Spartan.

The earlier version Windows 10 technical preview was without this browser, Microsoft released a software update on it now adding the new browser, which allows users under Windows Developers Program to try it for the first time.

These are the some of the key features of Project spartan:

- New Design: The design is refreshing and entirely different than Internet Explorer.


-Inking: With inking capability, this web browser allow you to write or type directly on the page, comment on what you found interesting and can able to share the same by 'Web Note' via email or social networking site.

-Voice Control: Microsof's own siri 'Cortana' is built in the browser, that can acts as a personal voice assistant when needed.

-Reader Friendly: The new browser will come with 'read later' feature which allow users to save pdf or webpages to read it later. And the saved pages can be sync to read it from all your windows enabled devices.

The update Microsoft termed it as in early and incomplete state. So, what you are waiting for, if you're one among those who downloaded the Windows 10 Technical Preview, try the update to experience the brand new Project Spartan.

Watch the preview video here:

NY Times will roll out one sentence stories on Apple Watch

March 31, 2015: The New York Times announced today through their report that they have developed a new form of story telling to help readers catch up latest happenings in seconds on Apple Watch.
The one sentence stories will be designed especially for smaller screens and it will provide news at a glance across many sections of NY Times like Politics, Science, Tech etc.

The Times editors from three continents will be dedicated to look after mobile apps, including watch, round the clock.

The app will be available for free for all users. Apple watch is scheduled to hit the stores from April 24.

Source:, Image by

Apple now let you trade in your android phones

March 31, 2015: As MacRumors reports, In a strategic move to convert android users to their platform, Apple launched a new program that extends it's present Reuse and Recycle policy to android users, which now allow people to trade in any android, Blackberry and Windows phones in return for credits. The credits are in the form of 'Apple gift card or bank transfer'.
Previously, the Apple's recycle program is only limited to iPhone, iPad and Mac Users. This decision by Apple may attract many android users to convert to iPhone. The phones trade in program allows phones from manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, LG, Nokia, Sony and Blackberry.

At this time, the change in policy will take effect in United States and many European countries. The company can extend the same policy to other countries depends on it's success to convert android users.

Source; MacRumors, Image

Monday, 30 March 2015

Lenovo to launch S6 smartphone at Dubai's GITEX SS 2015

March 30, 2015: Lenovo announced that they will launch their smartphone S60 exclusively at GITEX Shopper Spring 2015. This will make UAE the first country in the Middle East to get the device. The shopping spring event scheduled to start on April 1st at Dubai World Trade Centre.

Sharay Shams, Lenovo Smartphone Business Head said in his statement: "Gitex Shopper is one of the most anticipated consumer electronics shows in the region and we are excited to be offering the Lenovo S60 smartphone exclusively at Gitex Spring Shopper 2015, making it the latest edition to our extensive smartphone portfolio in the region. With this launch, we are looking to further build upon our strong position as the No.3 smartphone vendor in the UAE and stay on track to achieve our eventual goal of becoming the No.1 PC+ vendor in the region."

The 5 inch HD screen dual-sim S60 smartphone comes loaded with 1.2GHz 64-bit Quad Core processor, 2 GB RAM, 4G LTE with 5/13MP front and back camera. The phone lookalike iPhone 5C.

The phone will be available at gitex shopping spring event for AED 799.

Samsung Ireland updates it's Run App ahead of Night Run 2015

March 30, 2015: Samsung scheduled a 'Samsung Night Run' event in Ireland on 26th April, eyeing on their upcoming event they have announced update of it's fitness app 'Samsung Run'.
The app let users make detail training plans and keep track of progress. The app special content which helps users prepare for the race which has been scheduled for end of the April. The app awards special badges when users reach their goals.

Linda Nolan, samsung's head of marketing in Ireland said: "We're thrilled to give Irish runners a unique training app in their preparation for the fourth Samsung Run event. With less than fives weeks to go to the race on Sunday 26th April, I urge all those currently registered or hoping to do so, to download this app and get training!"

There are prizes to be won with the app including brand new Samsung Galaxy S6.

The app is available in Google Play Store and can be downloaded from here.

Cisco to upgrade American University of Kuwait network

March 30, 2015: As reported by middle east local site arabianindustry, The American University of Kuwait has selected Cisco solutions to upgrade its firewall and network infrastructure.

The university aims to improve the network quality and uptime to provide smoother access to students. The Cisco firewall will manage legitimate traffic, while protecting the network from multi-vector threats across the entire attack continuum.

Rusty Bruns, CIO, American University of Kuwait, said: "AUK has been partenered with Cisco since the beginning of 2003. The products and customer service has always been top-notch. When we decided to upgrade there was only one partner who could meet our needs for today and tomorrow, and that was Cisco."

Samer Al Lahham, Cisco regional manager for Kuwait, said: "We are honoured that AUK continues to enjoy the benefits that Cisco technology solutions offer and we look forward to delivering new, enhanced network experience to their student population. Cisco has provided a network infrastructure to AUK since it started operations in 2003 and we are proud that our strategic partnership is growing from strength to strength. Cisco's vast portfolio delivers the reliable, scalable, and highly secure IT infrastructure that will suit AUK's ever changing business needs for years to come."

Sunday, 29 March 2015

British Airways Frequent Flyer accounts hacked

March 29, 2015: As per the guardian reports, tens of thousands of frequent flyer accounts of British Airways has been compromised. Hackers reportedly sneak in to the company's database and accessed the users information.
However, airline said no personal information had been viewed or stolen and it had frozen affected accounts while it resolves the issue. That also mean at the moment, top executive club flyers can't view their accounts and can't claim their points until the issue is resolved.

Airline still doesn't reach to any conclusion on who was behind the attack, but it is believed to have been careied out by an automated computer program looking for bugs in the company's online security systems.

Airline spokesman in his statement said: "British Airways has become aware of some unauthorised activity in relation to a small number of frequent flyer executive club accounts. This appears to have been the result of a third party usinginformation obtained elsewhere on th internet, via an automated process, to try to gain access to some accounts."

British Airways Frequent Flyer account is a programme for frequent travelling passengers to claim their credits whenever they fly with the airline. The credits can be used to avail several premium facilities of the airline.


Mobile Payment Startup MyCheck Raises $5M

March 29, 2015: Mobile Payment Startup MyCheck has raised $5 million in a Series B round of Santander Innoventures Fund. The company expects to complete the round in a few days and expecting to receive another $5 million investment. 
MyCheck CEO Schlomit Kugler says: "We approached Santander's Innoventures Fund after the fund was announced in July last year," He further adds, "The fund focus on fintech, particularly mobile payments, made it attractive to us. A conversation started, and we connected with Mariano (Belinky, MD of the Santander Innoventures Fund) in September. We have since move through the stages to where we find ourselves today."

MyCheck is a mobile payment technology launched in 2011, it offers easy payment of restaurant bills through it's mobile app. The service available in US, UK, Brazil and Israel.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Start-up Slack reports their database hacked

March 28, 2015: As per the statement of Slack team on their blog, their database carrying user names, email addresses, phone numbers and Skype IDs has been compromised.

As per their internal investigation, this incident of unauthorised access happened in February. Although, they have confirmed that no financial or payment information was accessed in this attack.

Slack reassured to their users that they are working round the clock to methodically examine, rebuild and test each component of their system to ensure it's safety.

Slack is a team communication tool company launched in late 2013 and raised $14 million of funding till April 2014. They currently valued $2.8 billion. Slack offers one-on-one messaging, private groups, chat rooms, direct messaging or an option to create chats by topics.

NASA is teaming up with Russia to build new space station

March 28, 2015: According to RussiaToday and state agency TASS reports, Russia is reportedly teaming up with USA to build ISS 2.0 one's the current funding runs out in 2024.


During a news conference on sunday, Roscosmos chief Igor Kamarov said: "We have agreed that Roscosmos and NASA will be working together on the program of the future space station."

The talks were held at Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The Russian and US space agencies will use their respective resources to contribute to this program. The next goal for the two agencies is a joint mission for mars, said NASA chief Charles Bolden.

Bolden further adds, "Our area of cooperation will be Mars. We are discussing how best to use the resources, the finance, we are setting time frames and distributing efforts in order to avoid duplication."

Source:, Image by NASA

Sony's SmartEyeglass developer edition is up for sale

March 28, 2015: Are you looking to develop Sony's SmartEyeglass apps? If yes, then Sony has some good news for you, they have launched their smart glass edition for developers in Germany, Japan, US and UK. For business customers, it's available only in Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden and Spain.

The device will cost about $820 in the US, not including tax. A little bit cheaper than Google Glass. It will connect to compatible smartphones allowing text to be rendered, images to be shown in your field of view.


Friday, 27 March 2015

Google partners with J&J to develop Surgical Robot

March 27, 2015: An American multinational medical devices company Johnson & Johnson announced yesterday that Ethicon, one of their medical device company in their family of companies, has strike a strategic collaboration with Google to work with their Life Sciences team on advancing surgical robots to benefit surgeons, patients and health care system.
Both companies bring their expertise from their respective fields, intellectual property and their capabilities to develop an innovative robotic-assisted surgical platform that can bear the capability of integrating advance technologies with the goal of improving health care delivery in the operation room. 

As reported by guardian, Google believes it can enhance the robotic tools using artificial intelligence including machine vision and image analysis employed in other parts of the business, including Google's self driving car.

The robotic assisted surgery is a type of minimal invasive surgery that uses technology to give accuracy, greater control and access to surgeons while benefitting patients by minimising pain and trauma, and fast healing post-surgery.

The two companies will explore all options such as robotics using artificial intelligence, image vision, data analytics to develop the product, which they believe will offer a effective tool to surgeons to perform surgery.

"For more than 60 years, Ethicon has developed products and technologies that have transformed the way surgery is done," said Gary Pruden, Worldwide Chairman, J&J. He further adds, "This collaboration with Google is another important step in our commitment to advancing surgical care, and together, we aim to put the best science, technology and surgical know-how in the hands of medical teams around the world."

Source:, Image by

Youtube secretly testing 4K videos at 60 fps

March 27, 2015: Lately, all tech giants of silicon valley opening up their pandora box with surprise annoucements of their grand plans, Youtube don't want to stay behind. Youtube reportedly testing videos that can play at 60 frame per second in 4K resolution. There are only six secret videos playlist at the moment which is being tested, thanks to Techcrunch which spotted this latest development of Youtube.

At the moment, one can play 60 fps videos and 4K resolution videos seperately. But, company want both 4K and 60 fps to be played at a time, hence this experiment. Here are the six videos you can play in 4K at 60 fps, just check the resolution of 2160p60HD option in settings & a computer which supports HD videos.

Although, it won't be a difficult task for Youtube to inject 4K at 60fps capability on their platform but no average user can able to upload videos of such high quality. Youtube niche market is that 'average' audience that instantly take videos from their phones not from high end equipments.


Amazon India launched 'Kirana Now' Grocery service in India

March 27, 2015: The e-commerce giant Amazon already making waves in India is now launched another service called 'Kirana Now', a place to buy grocery items online with same day delivery. This move by Amazon may affect the business of local kirana stores.


In a email statement to NDTV, Amazon spokesperson said: "We are continually innovating to transform the way India shops and the way India sells. Our vision is to enable our customers in India to buy anything and everything they want online, anytime and anywhere at low prices and a convenient, fast and reliable delivery experience. Equally we are committed to empowering the growth of millions of small and medium businesses in India. Kirana Now is a stop towards realising both."

He further adds, "With this service we want to provide our customers an instant and convenient access to their ecosystem of stores for their everyday needs right from their mobile phone. And likewise empower the Kirana stores with tools and technology to transform their growth in the digital economy."

This service is available only through mobile app. Amazon India aims to deliver the goods within '2-4' hours using its own logistics, the neighbourhood store's staff, or one of its logistics partners. Any kirana store willing to sell can list on Amazon just like any other seller.

In the United States, the similar service by Amazon is called Amazon Fresh. This service of 'Kirana Now' will be launched on Wednesday in Bengaluru.

Source:, Image by

Software Robots will bring huge value to businesses, Cognizant study shows

March 27, 2015: As per the new study by a leading IT solutions company Cognizant, the new software "robots" will bring significant value to enterprises within next three to five years by leveraging attributes like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and effective use of big data.
The study was conducted by Cognizant's Center for the Future of Work, they have polled 537 key business and technology decision makers across multiple industry sectors, including healthcare, hospitality, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical, retail and technology. There was a consensus among many respondents on the benefits of Intelligent Process Automation(IPA) and mining the resulting big data, they all believe it will provide value and meaning to their businesses. The faster processing with least errors, unlimited scalibility, and lower cost of ownership, economical and the ability to make timely business decisions through automation enabled analytics has been highlighted as the standout features of the software.

Respondent says about 25-40% of the workflow today of their businesses has been automated and it replaced the earlier manual inputs procedure. 44% of respondents have huge expectations for automatic enabled business analytics, while one fifth of them claimed they achieved 15% cost saving from this over the past year.

Gajen Kandiah, executive vice president of Cognizant Business Process Services said: "The future of work includes connecting skilled people to increasingly powerful technologies such as automatic computing including artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning that can increase savings, engance insights, and accelerate business. The shift is playing out in just about every industry. Our IPA practice applies digital transformation at the process level to help our customers benefit from automation. Our new study findings show that this trend will only accelerate over coming years as business leaders seek agility, better customer understanding, and cost saving."

Thursday, 26 March 2015

This wifi coffee machine can be controlled by your smartphone

March 26, 2015: Waking up in the cold morning and lying on bed for an hour fighting with your brain to get up or not to make coffee? Well, meet the smarter coffee, it makes your life a little bit easier.

This smarter coffee machine is wifi enabled, it can be controlled through your smartphone or tablet. The fresh coffee beans can be grind automatically on demand and you can adjust the strength of your coffee from your smartphone. Machine can be set to make coffee same time each day & it can send an alarm to owner's phone. And with welcome home mode enabled, it will make your coffee ready by the time you arrive home.

This coffee maker was developed by London based tech firm Smarter.

Facebook building solar powered drone that could give internet to 5billion people

March 26, 2015: Facebook chief Zuckerberg in 2013 started an initiative by launching project, which promised to give internet access to 2/3 of the world which is still not connected with the so called 'world wide web'. Going further in the same direction to support their initiative, Facebook is building a solar powered drone which can give internet access to 5 billion people.


According to NYtimes report, it will be V-shaped unmanned vehicle named 'Aquila' which has wingspan of a Boieng 767 but it weighs less than a small car. This is the biggest move by a small time college startup which recently grabbed 1.4 billion user base. Although, the cost and completion of this project is still unknown. 

Facebook chief Zuckerberg while sharing the news about the drones says: 
"As part of our effort to connect the world, we've designed unmanned aircraft that can beam internet access down to people from the sky. 
Today, I'm excited to share that we've successfully completed our first test flight of these aircraft in the UK. 
Aircraft like these will help connect the whole world because they can affordably serve the 10% of the world's population that live in remote communities without existing internet infrastructure."

This project will be implemented by the drone maker company Ascenta, the company facebook acquired last year. The initiative is also partenered by tech giants like Samsung, Microsoft and Qualcomm.

The most anticipated update for PS4 is live now

March 26, 2015: Finally, the wait for the system update for PS4 is over, the update is live now for PS4 and PS Vita. The update is version 2.50 codenamed 'Yukimura,' which will bring suspend/resume functionality to the PS4. This will allow the users to put their consoles into Rest Mode without shutting down any active applications.


Following are the highlights of the update v2.5 (via Playstation Blog):

-Suspend/Resume: With just press of the PS button now users can switch in and out of game and pick up the game from same stage u left.

-Back-Up and Restore HDD to USB: Now, users can able to restore or back up the hard disk data associated with users on your PS4, including settings, saved data etc, to and from an external USB drive.

-Find and Connect with Friends: This update bring whole new functionality like finding facebook friends, improved friend requests, streamlined party process, finding friends who play your games & who are currently online and joining friends directly from news feed making PS a best place to connect & play with friends.

-Shared Earned Trophies and Optimize Your Trophy List: Trophies matters a lot for many users so, this update brings whole new features like automatic trophy screenshots, button for sharing your trophies on social media, additional trophy sorting options and deleting 0% trophies.

-Improved and Expanded Accessibility Options: There are also options to improve user experience like customised button assignments for DUAL shock 4 wireless controller, Zoom for displayed pictures for all system functions & apps, Text to speech for all interface and bolder fonts & higher contrast UI for all system applications.

-Remote Play and Share Play: For all the games which support 60fps, users will able to automatically enjoy those games with 60fps for both Remote Play and Share Play on supported devices.

-Automatic Installation for System Software Updates: All the future system updates will be automatic with this functionality.

-Sub-Account Upgrade: This feature will allow users above 18 years of age with sub-accounts to upgrade to master account directly on PS4, removing all restrictions on chat and will enable users to add funds to their wallet, can able to purchase content and more.

-Verified Accounts: Now, the selected game developers, producers, designers and community managers will get a verified badge.

-Daily Motion: With this feature, users can able to share videos directly to dialymotion via Share button.

We will update you soon about the working of this new update and user experience. Stay tune.

Apple will allow Foxconn to buy and sell used iPhones in China

March 26, 2015: As per Bloomberg reports, Apple will allow the buy and sell of used iPhones to it's manufacturing wing Foxconn in China. The launch of trade-in program with Foxconn is keeping in eye of growing demand of resell market in China. The OEM giant will buy the iPhones directly, then it will sell it on a popular sites like Taobao after refurbishing it. This chain may extend to physical store depends on the demand.

This move can be profitable Foxconn depends on the resale value Apple offers for the used iPhones. As per Bloomberg, in US Apple offer $300 for used iPhone 5S 16GB.

Source and Image credits:Bloomberg

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

What's New with Facebook Video?

March 25, 2015: At Facebook F8 conference today, their engineers have announced about some major improvements for Facebook video creators.


Here are the three major improvements has been highlighted:

1.Application Improvement Interface(API):

With full featured API, Facebook increased their uploading limit from uploading basic videos to making an upper limit up to 1.5 GB. There's a notification service being introduce to let user know once video gets uploaded.

And now users can schedule their videos, restrict their audience and can choose thumbnail of the video. Also, now users can able upload subtitles for multiple locales to attract diverse audience. 

There several tools being introduce to analyze the video reach, views as Track engagement metrics and user interface interface got simplified to give total control of sharing videos in users hand

2. Video Publishing Partners:

There are facebook Media Solutions for third party developers and 10 partners who has already implemented this API. 

The new service Grabyo- live stream video editor has been introduced which let's user live stream their content and share it on social media while doing it. And the new feature called 'Fullscreen' tells how well the video is doing, how far it reached.

3. Embedded Video Player:

Sharing facebook videos made more easy with easy embedding facility. You can grab any video from Facebook and can integrate on your website. Easy to do options with click embed, copy link and share wherever you want.

360-degree video soon in Facebook Newsfeed, says Zuckerberg

March 25, 2015: At annual Facebook F8 conference, Facebook chief says their website newsfeed will support spherical 360 degree videos. And he also added that they bring new video feature in Oculus Rift. 


Facebook last year acquired a Virtual reality technology firm for US$2 billion in cash and facebook stock. They are developing their first virtual reality gear 'Oculus Rift'.

Facebook unveils Messenger Platform at F8 Conference

March 25, 2015: Today at annually held F8 conference in San Francisco, Facebook make some big annoucements and one of them is the launch of Messenger Platform.

Now, developers can able to add messenger features to other apps."It's a new platform that developers can use to build apps that help people connect", said Facebook supremo Mark Zucketberg.

Third party developers can integrate messenger which allows them to reach millions of Facebook users across the globe as Facebook has decided to promote integrated apps in their App Store.

And this calculated move from Facebook make their messenger more competitive in line with Line and wechat. This is the second major update in messenger after their last week announcement of payment system through messenger. Facebook platform is available to all developers from today.

The F8 Conference is underway, we'll keep you updated about all major annoucements from Facebook throughout the day as it comes. Stay tune.

Google's driverless car may come with airbags outside, to protect pedestrians

March 25, 2015: As per the new patent published by United States Patents and Trademarks Office today and as reported by Quartz, Google has been awarded with a new patent no.8,985,652 which reveals the Google plans of working on providing airbags outside the car to prevent the nearby pedestrians in even of an accident.

The patent outlines the company's idea that suggest mount airbags comes outside car, it gets deployed when car senses that a collision is imminent. The bumpers of the cars will be made of 'visco-elastic' material which prevents the pedestrians from injury in case of accident. Google has been working countless hours to make it's driverless car experiment successful by considering all sorts of public safety measures.

The patent doesn't outline clearly that if this system they patented is for the driverless car model but that's the only car they're working on currently, so, it's safe to assume. We will reveal more details as it comes.

Source: Quartz

Apple patents a new Light Splitting Camera for iPhone

March 25, 2015: As AppleInsider reports, Apple reportedly published a patent on Tuesday on a new technology for camera sensor which has the ability to split the light using three sensors. The three sensors will each capture a separate colour component, a special light-splitting cube which divides light entering the camera into red, green and blue wavelengths.
Since they don't need the special filters or algorithm to separate color after capturing image, it will reduce the noise from the image, improves resolution and the quality of image and videos. This technology commonly found in camcorders.

Apple camera is already known for it's quality, and with this patent, Apple added another feather in their cap. This patent was first filed in 2011 and credits Steven Webster and Ning Y Chan as its inventors.

Source: AppleInsider

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

An Irish tech start-up Oxymem wins grand prize at Imagine H2O award

March 23, 2015: An Irish start-up Oxymem working in field of creating technology for water cleaning and efficiency won grand prize at Imagine H2O, a leading accelerator for water technology based in San Francisco, as reported by


Each year Imagine H20 choose different themes relating to infrastructure management and is governed by a team of maestros from the field of water, energy, and non-profit sectors at Harvard Business school. The vision of this accelerator is to turn the problems of water into opportunity.

There are 100 companies working in field of efficiencies in water supplies across 20 different countries applied for the award. Oxymem is only Irish company selected among 12 shortlisted finalists. 

Oxymem solves energy intensive wastewater treatment with smart aeration, which they say as breakthrough technology. They claim their water treatment technology uses hollow fibre, gas membrane, to support a fixed film ecosystem for the biology allowing direct. delivery of oxygen to the micro organism which breaks down the pollutant. This method saves 2-3 percent of country's energy which traditional method of treatment use daily.

"This accolade gives us incredible traction in the US, and the global markets, with end users partners and venture capital because of its strong track record. We are honoured to have been selected as the overall winner from such a strong cohort of finalists," says company's MD Wayne Byrne after winning the award.


Facebook testing android Dialer App called 'Phone

March 23, 2015: Facebook reportedly testing a dialer and caller ID app called 'Phone' for android. This fact has been revealed when they accidently released the update and alert androidpolice took a screenshot.

               Image courtesy: androidpolice                          
This update suggests Facebook may trying a dialer app that also shows information regarding the caller. Now, the question is why they're getting calling feature in their messenger app when their whatsapp is already has this enabled? May be Facebook like to keep their two brands separate and want to keep dedicated features for each.

We will keep you updates as the official update arrives, till then like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter to show your love. Because, we love you.


Accel announced $305 million fund for Indian Startups

March 23, 2015: Accel Partners known for backing the stalwarts of tech industry like Facebook and indian e-commerce tech giant Flipkart, is now announced it's plan of funding $305 million just for indian based startups.

Subrata Mitra, partner with the VC firm, said on the company blog: "The investment focus area will cover consumer, enterprise software, mobile, and healthcare businesses." This will be company's almost two times more fund allotment than their previous announcement in 2011.

The rapid growth in smartphone users in India, and it's huge population make it's natural place for investment for venture capitalists. Perhaps, a new 5% relief in corporate tax from Indian government in this Budget session also added some fuel in fire to attract investment.

Startup Blacklane named Germany's fastest growing tech company

March 24, 2015: The German Tech5 awards event hosted by TNW and Adyen in Berlin has named 'Blacklane' a fastest growing tech startup. Blacklane, Foodpanda, Delivery Hero, Gini and minubo are the five finalists selected from Germany. The event showcased the success stories about the startups and a panel discussion on how tech can fuel growth.


Blacklane is limousine, airport transfer and chaffeur service provider operating in top cities of europe, uk and united states.  

Speaking about the company's win, it's co-founder and CEO- Jens Wohltorf said: 
"Blacklane's success is based on amazingly talented people combined with a great network of drivers around the world. I'm greatful to be surrounded by such an enthusiastic and dedicated team that has built and globally scaled our digital and physical product in less than three years. The professionalism of our driver partners is also essential; they do a  great job to consistently over-achievethe  high quality expectations of our valued customers."

Germany's diversity and wide pool of talent is it's biggest advantage was common agreement among panel of speakers. The Tech5 event was second of this year's European regional finals. They started their journey from London continuing to Amsterdam, Paris,Stockholm over the coming weeks. Each of the selected winners will going to speak the final 'The Next Web Conference' in Amsterdam next month.


Boieng gets patent for Force Field made of lasers

March 23, 2015: One of the world's largest defense, aircraft and security company 'Boeing' has been granted with a patent for 'force field'. The patent was filed back in 2012 and it has been accepted now. The patent was named "Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc".

(Image Source: An illustration from Patent)
Basically, it's a kind of a sci-fi scene from star wars or star trek where a glowing light energy shielding the potential target from shells and shrapnel. It's been designed to prevent the machines, military and aircraft from impact due to blast. The concept is based on sensors to detect an explosion in water or air or a vehicle on the side of the road then it will estimate time and location of the explosion. Then, sensor triggers the laser or microwave energy that heats up a section of air or water, creating a laser like shield between the vehicle and explosion. The shield's temperature and density absorbs the shockwaves from the explosion.

Although, it's look amazing on paper, the technology still has to be tested to know how true the claims are and how significant it can be for our future security.

Source: Popsci

Monday, 23 March 2015

World's biggest Android developer conference Droidcon coming to Dubai

March 23, 2015: As per the zawya reports, Dubai Internet City (DIC), the largest ICT hub of the region, has grabbed the headlines in the middle east when they announced that they have partnered with Droidcon to bring it to Dubai for the first time. Droidcon is one of the world's largest android developer conference.


The event is scheduled on April 14th-16th which will going to attract entire tech communities to learn latest developments of Android. Key speakers from across the tech community and android industry will address this event. This move could drive innovation and technology talent to the UAE.

Droidcon hosted it's successful conference across the developed countries like US and UK till now. This conference will be a platform for middle east to showcase their interest to the world in innovation and technology to the world thereby attracting tech startups to the desert.

Financial analysts predicts Apple soon to be worth more than $1tn

March 23, 2015: As per the Guardian reports, Apple has been valued at more than $1tn, which is almost three times more than US's second most valuable company Google.

          (Image Credits:                   
Analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald on Monday said that they bought Apple shares trading currently at about $127, on this share value company valuing at $733bn. As per predictions, share will jump till $180 each, making a total value of a tech giant a worth more than $1 trillion.

This would make Apple an only company in the history to touch that mark. According to world bank statistics, this value is more than an entire GDP of Indonesia, the Netherland or Saudi Arabia.

Analyst credits Apple's strong performance is due to the company's strong position in China, where sales increasing by 70% year-on-year. Apple Watch added an extra value to it's already reputed brand.

Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White said in his note to client: "Next month, Apple will enter its first new product category in five years, while media reports over the past several weeks have high lighted potential new areas of future innovation," he further added, "Also, we believe Apple iPhone's portfolio and position in China have never been stronger. Finally, Apple has shown its commitment to returning cash to shareholders, and we expect more in April. We believe the combination of these forces will drive the market to reward Apple's stock."

As per the analysts, Apple Watches may sell 25m in the 2016 financial year, makinf revenue of about $11.7bn.


Developer's video reveals Android Wear's ability to control iPhone music

March 23, 2015: As reported in TalkAndroid, android developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh has been a talk of the developer's circles with his first video showing the Moto 360's ability to receive notifications after it pairs with iPhone. 

Despite google claiming for long that it's Android wear can work with iOs, there was not been easy for a normal user to connect. But, developers i think cracked the code to show Android wear's possibility of syncing with iOS platform.

In his latest video, he demonstrates the Android wear's ability of controlling iPhone music. He claims, anyone with iOS 7 or later can pair iPhone with Android wear but, it will be only limited for using certain features like notifications and music.

Source: TalkAndroid

Twitter to team up with Foursquare for location tagging in tweets

March 23, 2015: Twitter reportedly teamed up with Foursquare to bring an ability to tag location in tweets, explains twitter with a tweet video and in video it shows how it works with iOS.


Previously, there was no such feature of tagging a specific location like facebook on twitter. Now, users can able to tag the location by tapping the location button.

There was rumors last year about the twitter partnership with foursquare for geolocation service and Business Insider also reported that the geolocation service in twitter could arrive in first quarter of 2015.

Source: TechCrunch

Video: Google backed Magic leap demoes Augmented Reality

March 23, 2015: Recently, Google has backed a startup Magic Leap with $540m. Magic leap defines itself as an idea which takes an initiative to explore human creativity and working to narrow down the gap between real and virtual world.


Magic Leap demoes a video showcasing the possibility of augmented reality like interacting with Youtube and Gmails like never before and much more. Watch the video to know more:

Sunday, 22 March 2015

AT&T released their promo video to showcase Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge

March 22, 2015: As the releasing date for Samsung S6 and S6 edge nears, carriers are warming up their marketing strategies to attract customers to choose their carriers. Being a key player in US mobile phone market,  AT&T released a in-depth video of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge to explain to customers about their favorite phone.

This video clearly highlights the specs and it's usability. And their unique service package bundled with the devices.

Watch the video here:

This startup helps your small enterprises with a simple app

March 22, 2015: While majority of startups today are more concentrated on providing solutions to high grade enterprises, Pawoon comes up with a simple solution for small businesses. It's an Indonesian startup targeting small business owners and helping them manage their retails stores more efficiently.

Their website define themselves as:"Pawoon is a cloud based POS (point of sale) app for retail stores. Pawoon helps small business owners in managing their retail stores much more efficiently and also help them grow by bringing together offline selling, online selling and inventory management in a single integrated POS app."

This app enables small business owners manage their orders and inventory efficiently and can able to keep track on schedules by monitoring their busiest times of sales. Pawoon's system available in both browser based interface and mobile app. And it can be easily applied on small restaurants or retails shops of any kind.

"It dawned on me that small businesses would benefit from these kind of apps to help them manage and monitor their business. However, simple and affordable solutions that they can use were non-existent then," says Pawoon's founder Ahmad Gadi.

Smart monitoring saves $54m for Dubai Public Bus service

March 22, 2015:  According to the Roads and Transport Authority, Smart monitoring of Dubai's public bus service has saved them over $54m (AED 200m).


The Dubai RTA in it's statement said that it's Automated Vehicle Movement (AVM) system has improved the customer service satisfaction and efficiency of service, through the better control and communication between buses and the control centre.

HE Mattar Al Tayer, Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) says: "It contributed to increasing the efficiency and generating savings in excess of 200 million dirhams, increased bus compliance with timetables, and brought added happiness to customers. In 2014, bus compliance with on-time exiting of depots was as high as 99%."

The AVM synchronised the communication between control centre and bus drivers by electronic tracking 1,568 buses movements across all 252 routes.This  makes accurately following of schedules possible, resulting higher customer satisfaction.

Source: ArabianIndustry

Europe Growth in Tech Investment surpassed US

March 22, 2015: As per the new reports, investment in Europe Technology firms reached a four year high in 2014, a 78% rise in funding on the previous year, with $5.7 billion out of 855 deals surpassing US.

"It was a big year. Relative to the US, there was higher growth in terms of funding levels," says Anand Sanwal, cofounder and CEO of US based investor  data analyst CB insights, which recently released their 2014 European Tech Report. The report analysed all the venture deals in Europe for the year 2014.

Last year in tech investment of Europe has been four-year high with 250 percent increase in 2014 figure from 2011. And European funding was widespread across all series of funding while US was funding trended more towards huge megadeals, the report says.

"There's a lot of complexity there(to operate in Europe). If you can crack the code in Europe, those are the companies really get payments and may do well internationally," Sanwal says.

Source: Irishtimes

US Tech Firm FocusVision acquires ResearchReporter

March 22, 2015: US Tech Research company FocusVision has acquired a marketing insight firm ResearchReporter. This will be the company's third successful acquisition in last few months.

Company's CEO Eric Grosgogeat in his statement said:"FocusVision has lomg been recognised as a leader in the market research space for our qualitative, and more recently, quantitative, technology offerings."

Recently, FocusVision acquired quantitative technology firm Decipher and qualitative technology firm Revelation.

Google testing 'On Body Detection' lock mode in Android

March 21, 2015: As per the observations made by users using latest version of Android Lollypop 5.0, a new lock mode feature appears on their device namely "On Body Detection". There's no official word from Google yet, may be they are testing it before any announcement.


This lock mode feature detects whether a device being held in hand or in pocket with help of sensors and it will remain locked while in pocket. It's not tied to a specific user though, it stays unlock in hand no matter if the hand is of user or a thief. If the device is on sofa or table, it will remain locked and can unlock it using normal unlock method. This feature is not available in Google Play Services yet, and device with Android 5.0 or higher only can avail this feature.

We will update you once any official update arrives.

Source: AndroidPolice

Google patents for a cancer-killing wearable

March 22, 2015: Google filed a patent for a cancer killing wearable device called "nanoparticle phoresis", reports talkandroid.
Google has been known for coming up with unique ideas to solve world problems with it's Google X program. Recently, they filed patent for measuring glucose levels through 'smart contact lenses' for diabetics. The latest patent is related to cancer detection, the aim is to fight cancer or Parkinson's disease.

The wearable device looks like a 'fitness tracker' that could combat cancerous cells by "automatically modifying or destroying one or more targets in the blood that have an adverse health effect."
It transmits energy into a person's body, and energy could be of any form like radio frequencies, magnetic fields, infrared rays, or even acoustic pulses or visible light. The transmitted energy will target the cells which are cause for the disease and could possibly has the capacity to draw them out of the blood stream.

This device use nanoparticles to detect the disease. Nanoparticles are really small (1-100 nanometer in size) and more than 2000 nanoparticles fits inside a red blood cell. 

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Video of cute kids telling Twitter 'how it feels to be 9"

March 21, 2015: It was in March 2006, when an undergrad student Jack Dorsey comes up with an idea to launch a microblogging site called Twitter. Little did they realise that in 9 years it will become the revolutionary tool and a most powerful medium on internet with more than 100 million users.

Today, it turns 9 year old, twitter released a video to thanks their amazing fans.

Watch the video of little cute kids telling how it feels to be 9:

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